The most recent flu season was especially bad in many parts of the country, but thankfully, reports indicate that the threat is winding down. In a recent survey, Kaivac explored the extra precautions and preventative measures people can take during tough flu seasons.
More than 75 facility managers, cleaning professionals, and social media followers participated in the survey. Among the most interesting findings include the following:
What specific steps do you take to protect yourself during flu season?
Fifty-six percent of respondents indicated they are more careful about washing their hands during flu season. Additionally, 24 percent avoid contact with people who they think might be sick, 6 percent take extra vitamins, but 15 percent indicated they do not take extra precautions at all.
Do you stay home when you are sick?
Fifty-six percent of respondents answered yes; 4 percent, no; and 40 percent, sometimes.
Did you get a flu shot this year?
Yes, 64 percent
No, 36 percent
Do you usually get a flu shot?
Yes, 68 percent
No, 32 percent
How many people in your workplace had the flu during this season?
Some, 54 percent
None, 29 percent
A lot, 13 percent
Just about everyone, 4 percent
"We also asked if people are more concerned about how well their offices are being cleaned during flu season," says Matt Morrison, Communications Manager for Kaivac. "While nearly half responded yes, 56 percent answered no. [This tells us] our industry has to better communicate the importance of cleaning in protecting health."