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A majority of United Kingdom businesses think it's important to be environmentally friendly, but feel the government isn't helping enough, according to an annual survey.

The Sage Heartbeat survey shows that almost 80 percent of owners and managers of UK businesses feel it's crucial to be eco-friendly, but only 12 percent feel the government is doing as much as it can to help them achieve that goal.

The top three initiatives businesses said they would like to see the government implement are: more tax benefits, measures that are easy to put in place, and raising awareness of the benefits of being environmentally friendly.

While most businesses said minimizing impact on the environment is important, only 40 percent said their businesses have environmental policies. An additional 24 percent said they plan to implement a policy within a year. Those businesses without policies said they don't have one because they have other priorities or not enough resources and time.

Conducted by YouGov Plc, the survey questioned 2,017 businesses about trends and issues, the environment, small businesses and the status of women in business.