Survey Suggests Older Workers Are More Productive

A recent survey examining the work habits of different age groups suggested that age can bring a greater resilience to extra demands and higher levels of productivity, according to an article on the Cleanzine website.

The Wrike Digital Work Report, an independent survey of workers in the UK, France and Germany, included 3,000 respondents from age brackets ranging from 18 to 24-year-olds and Millennials (25-34) through to those aged 55 and over. The study looked at the impact rising workloads have had on individuals and how different generations are coping.

Feeling more stressed was particularly felt among Millennials, with 69 percent citing that as the biggest change because of those extra expectations, compared to 54 percent among the over 55s. A quarter of UK Millennials said they've taken more days off sick because of it, compared to 13 percent among those 55 and over.

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