Bathroom at office.Handbasin and mirror in toilet

A new online survey reveals that 90 percent of Americans think employers who deep clean their workplace restrooms regularly care more about the health and wellness of their employees than employers who don’t. 

The survey, which was commissioned by Cintas Corporation, found that nine in 10 Americans believe employers who pay consistent attention to their workplace restroom cleanliness care more about their employees than those who do not. 

Cintas commissioned The Harris Poll to handle the survey, which was given to 2,000 adults living in the United States.

“Just like customers, employees deserve a clean, sanitized and well-stocked restroom,” says Christiny Betsch, marketing manager, Cintas. “This study shows that implementing a comprehensive restroom cleaning program could enhance an employer’s image and that providing high-quality restroom products could boost employee morale.”

A little more than four in five of the survey respondents say they believe employees are more likely to value their job when employers supply high-quality, “luxury” restroom products such as colorful dispensers, no-touch dispensers, air fresheners, restroom cleaning services, restroom mats, and scented hand soaps.