Survey Reveals Challenges With Controlling Odors

Contributed by Clorox Professional Products Company.

A recent survey found that 79 percent of cleaning professionals cite removing odor from the air as their biggest cleaning challenge, but that the odor elimination products currently on the market are not fully addressing their needs.

The survey, conducted by Clorox Professional Products Company, indicates that eliminating odors is more important than strong fragrance when it comes to an air odor solution. Only roughly one in four cleaning professionals (27 percent) say they are extremely satisfied with their current air odor solution and that their dissatisfaction is largely driven by inefficient products that mask instead of eliminate odors.

In fact, survey results found:
 • Almost half of cleaning professionals (46 percent) who have issues with their current air odor elimination product say they get complaints about fragrance
 • Only 30 percent say that a strong fragrance is extremely important
 • Only 25 percent say a chemical smell is extremely important
When it comes to what professionals are looking for in a product, it’s about efficacy. More than half (52 percent) want a solution scientifically proven to remove bad odors and say that the following characteristics are extremely important:
 • Destroy odors, not just mask them (49 percent)
 • Are long-lasting (45 percent)
 • Are formulated for the toughest odors (43 percent)