A recent survey of managers in charge of laundry services took a look back at 2011, while also examining priorities for 2012.

Increasing productivity was found to be the top laundry priority for 36.4 percent of respondents, while equal shares of 27.3 percent are intent on building on quality staff or marketing their service to attract more business. The remainder—also 27.3 percent—has “other” top priorities, including planning and building a new laundry, and improving linen quality.

In 2011, roughly 27 percent of respondents comment that they did achieve their goals, while 54.5 percent accomplished some of them. The remaining 18.2 percent didn't set goals for last year.

After setting the above goals for 2012, roughly 36 percent of respondents were confident that they would accomplish those goals. The remaining 63.6 percent felt there was a good chance they would meet their goals this year.