Chairs are placing upside down on the study table, for cleaning the floor

Healthy Schools Campaign Green Clean Schools highlighted in a new report that a growing number of school officials across the country are "going green" and emphasizing sustainability in their cleaning efforts.

The "2018 National Education Facilities Cleaning Survey" emphasizes that cleaning programs are a critical part of school and university efforts to provide students and staff with the opportunity to learn and work in a place that is healthy and safe. It specifically emphasizes why educational facilities implement green cleaning initiatives and the benefits that come from them.

According to Rochelle Davis, CEO, the survey results mean good news for districts across the country.

“We know that how schools approach cleaning says a lot about how they value their students, staff, and the communities where they are located,” she said in a statement.

In response to the report, Green Seal CEO Doug Gatlin had this to say:
"Green cleaning isn’t just an environmental issue, it’s a public health issue. And where our children are concerned, that can’t be said enough. Moving forward, I hope more businesses and public sector leaders see the necessity for Green Seal certifying more schools and spaces for children, families, staff, and the community. We’ve always been honored to play a role in keeping schools healthy, safe and clean for children. This study just proves it."

To download the survey results, click here.