A May 2013 survey found that 41 percent of men would use a private women’s restroom if the private men’s restroom were occupied. However, a much larger number, 54 percent of women, said they would use a men’s restroom if the situation were reversed.
These are two of the findings of a survey done on behalf of Waterless Co., a manufacturer of no-water urinals.
As to using a unisex restroom, where men and women share the same restroom, 64 percent of those polled said it was not an issue for them.
“This high acceptance of unisex restrooms is similar to what other surveys have found,” says Klaus Reichardt, CEO and founder of Waterless Co. “However, [surveys also find that] many women are adamant that they want separate restrooms for privacy reasons, and many men strongly prefer using urinals when using a public restroom.”
Another question asked what types of restrooms the respondents would avoid using. These were the results:
• Gas station restrooms, 34 percent
• Train or bus station restrooms, 18 percent
• Restrooms in sports centers/stadiums, 11 percent
• Restrooms in retail stores, 2 percent
• Airport restrooms, 2 percent
• Movie theater restrooms, 0 percent

On another question, 23 percent said they would not avoid any public restrooms anywhere, but more than 40 percent said they would avoid a busy restroom if possible.