Comfortable work table in office windows and city view

GCC Facilities Management, a commercial cleaning services company servicing the United Kingdom, recently completed a 650 person survey that demonstrates how often workspaces are cleaned — and the results are interesting.

The study found that nearly a third of workers avoid communal kitchenware, instead opting to bring their own from home. They do this because they fear these items lack cleanliness. Almost a quarter of the respondents say they have used their own personal funds to supply items for the office to maintain cleanliness.

As expected, the office desk area is shown to be cleaned less than it should. Only 35 percent of respondents say their desk is cleaned at work daily. More concerning is just how seldom high-tech point items on desks are cleaned. More than 30 percent of respondents say their keyboard is not cleaned at all and 36 percent say their computer mouse is not cleaned. Additionally, 28 percent of respondents from the conducted survey say they'd never cleaned their telephone, despite it harboring 760 percent more bacteria than the keyboard and being the dirtiest item surveyed.

When compiling all of these findings it is no surprise that researchers found the common office desk to be 400 percent dirtier than a toilet.

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