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It goes without question that the past two years since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic shifted the average person’s approach to hand hygiene and general infection control. The bigger question from there is exactly how significantly did people’s habits change — and if any adjustments have since subsided or lessened in their intensity. 

To get a better idea into where people stand on a variety of hand hygiene topics, including hand drying, handwashing duration and overall concern about the cleanliness of their workplace, Cascades PRO surveyed 1,108 adults in October 2021. The complete survey with all 24 questions is available here, but key takeaways include:

• 50 percent of respondents reported giving more thought to hand drying since the pandemic, while 42 percent indicate that they haven’t.

• Nearly two-thirds of respondents prefer a touches paper towel dispenser. 93 percent of respondents use 4 towels or fewer after handwashing. 

• 85 percent put a premium on their workplace incorporating up-to-date sustainability practices and innovations.

• Despite the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendation of 20 seconds, 70 percent of respondents report washing their hands for less than that. 

• Just one third of respondents expressed confidence in their children’s school implementing adequate hygiene practices and policies. 

• Over half (56 percent) say they clean surfaces in their workspaces more often than before the pandemic. 

For a similarly-themed hand hygiene survey also conducted last fall, check out these findings from the American Cleaning Institute (ACI).