A recent survey, conducted by Crown Mats and Matting, evaluated foot and leg pain workers experienced while on the job. According to the respondents, 55.6 percent have experienced foot or leg pain at work in the past month; however, that number jumps to 77.8 percent when respondents were asked if they had "experienced foot or leg pain in the past year."

Asked why they are experiencing more foot/leg pain at work, these were the results:
• A third said it is because they are doing more walking at work
• 15 percent indicated they are standing more at work
• Another 15 percent said it was because anti-fatigue mats had been removed at work
• The rest, more than 42 percent, indicated they were "not sure."

"It is not surprising that such a large number of the respondents were unsure about why they are experiencing more foot and leg pain at work," says JoAnne Boston, Business Development Manager for Crown Mats. "Work-related foot and leg pain has a nasty habit of sneaking up on workers, and very often it's a pretty serious problem by the time that happens."
Given the seriousness of these issues, it is hardly surprising that fully 75 percent of those experiencing foot and leg pain at work also say they now have pain when they are not at work as well.
"When this happens, it is usually time to seek medical advice before the problem becomes worse," adds Boston.
As to ways to prevent foot and leg pain, the respondents suggested:
• installing anti-fatigue mats (43 percent)
• installing chairs at workstations (29 percent)
• wearing more supportive shoes or simply "getting off feet more during the day" (28 percent)