cleaning sink with duster

Americans demand that their workspaces, restaurants, stores, and schools are squeaky clean and sanitized due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, a national survey just released shows 87 percent of Americans  say they want proof workplaces and businesses are following a regular cleaning and sanitation regimen.

Stratus Building Solutions' survey was of Americans who got the vaccine or will get vaccinated. The survey reveals:

- The majority of those polled (89 percent) say even as the country opens and more people get vaccinated, they will be more conscious of germs than ever before.

- Nine out of 10 say even after vaccination they’re concerned with the cleanliness of businesses they frequent, and they expect these businesses to prioritize cleaning and sanitation.

- Just under two-thirds (65 percent) say even after vaccination they won’t eat at a restaurant unless they’re confident about the cleaning and sanitation protocol.

- More than three in four (76 percent) say they will speak up and ask businesses about their cleaning and sanitation practices before they enter.

- Eight out of 10 would love to see “COVID safety inspections” that would require health officials to inspect businesses, workplaces, and schools for proper germ disinfection.

So why are Americans on a germ fighting frenzy, even as the nation gets vaccinated? Well, 80 percent say they’re worried a COVID variant or a virus like COVID could surface again. Four in 10 say they’re concerned they could die or someone they love could die.

“The pandemic has clearly made Americans more conscious of germs and cleanliness and if businesses want to stay alive and thrive after the pandemic, they must practice stringent cleaning and disinfection protocols and prove they’re doing everything possible to keep customers safe,” says Afshin Cangarlu, CEO of Stratus Building Solutions in a press release announcing the recent survey. “It’s no longer a choice to clean regularly. It’s expected.”

The survey also found that 83 percent of Americans say they have changed their personal cleaning habits permanently and won’t slack even when the pandemic is no longer a threat. They say they will forever frequently wash their hands, use hand sanitizer, wipe things before they reach for them or avoid touching things in public with their bare hands.

 Those polled expect their workplaces to step up sanitation as well. For example:

- Exactly two-thirds of respondents say they want their workplace cleaned and sanitized daily.

- Three in four say they might ask to work from home if they didn’t think their employer was taking sanitizing seriously.

- Over one in three (36 percent) are worried that their employer isn't keeping the place clean.

- Half of those surveyed fear their colleagues don't wash their hands properly, and 55 percent fear their coworkers won't get vaccinated against COVID-19.