very dry hands that are cracked and show blood

It used to be that the hand hygiene of the average American man or woman was atrocious, but that’s not the case anymore. Inspired by the threat of contracting or spreading COVID-19, Americans are carrying out hand hygiene practices well over a dozen time a day, said one survey.

OnePoll's survey of 2,000 Americans found that the average person in this country has washed their hands 10 times per day and sanitized them another eight times since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, reports SWNS digital. 

This additional hand washing and sanitizing has comprised the condition of skin. Just over half (51 percent) of those participating in the census-balanced survey said their hands are drier than before, and nearly a third of them are experiencing flakiness. Finally, just under a quarter (25 percent) have had their hands bleed because they’re so dry.

The survey, which was commissioned by Muse Health, also examined when people are applying hand sanitizer. It found that 57 percent of people say they only use hand sanitizer after touching frequently-touched surface, such as a door handle. However, 22 percent take it a step further, as they report using hand sanitizer after they touch any surface, regardless of whether it’s in public or not.

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