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If you can get one day right, you have a shot at getting your life right, according to a Thrive Global article. And if you're pouring your life into your business, doing these 13 things everyday can help you reach your goals.

1. Prepare for the day — Each morning you should prepare what you want to accomplish that day. If you do the planning in the morning, events of the day are less likely to deter you.

2. Go for a walk — You should walk every day, not only for exercise but for the psychological benefits. If you’re too busy, take a walking meeting or do a phone call on the move.

3. Do the "deep work" — Make time for intense concentration and focus to make real progress. Start by closing your browser.

4. Be kind — It will make you feel better to take advantage of a chance to do something for someone else. Practice at least one kindness every day.

5. Read — Pick up a book or industry publication every day. Even for just a few pages. You might get a new perspective, help with problems or some inspiration.

6. Find some quiet — Find a way to disconnect and unplug, even for a few minutes. The world will not notice.

7. Do some serious exercise — If you meet an exercise goal, no matter what happens that day, you'll have something that went well.

8. Think about death — Remember that you are mortal. How much time do we waste on things that don’t matter?

9. Seize the “alive time” — Put away your phone and use every spare minute. Do something you’ve been putting off. Or just be still.

10. Be grateful — Give thanks for the good and bad. According to the article, the Stoics saw gratitude as a kind of medicine, that saying “Thank you” for every experience was the key to mental health.

11. Reflect on the day — Each evening you should examine your day and your actions. Did you follow your plans for the day? What could you do better? What have you learned?

12. Connect to something big — The anxieties of life can seem small when you stand next to the ocean. Look at the stars, read a poem or spend a few minutes in church.

13 Get eight hours of sleep — The body needs rest. Everything else is irrelevant if you don’t have the energy to do it.

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