men use alcohol paper to hold Door knob to prevent infection and the covid 19 virus outbreak. Prevent Covid from touching the door.

A group of students in Sarasota, Florida are developing a number of prototypes for door handle adapters that allow people to open doors without exposing their hands to germs, thus reducing the dangers of the the frequently-touched surface.

Led by a mechanical entering student who grew up in the area, kids at the Student Community Innovation Program at Suncoast Science Center Faulhaber Fab Lab have developed over a dozen door handle adapter prototypes using 3D printing, injection molding and other methods, reports WFLA. A few of the adapter prototypes are even coated with antimicrobial layers featuring copper powder.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the students view the project as a way to help their local community avoid germs at a time where it's just as important as ever. But the project isn’t just about COVID-19. The science center plans to carry on the project in the future and hopes to replace students who are graduating high school and leaving for college with new student volunteers.

For more on what the Suncoast Science Center does, visit its website here.