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Stratus Building Solutions, a green commercial cleaning and janitorial services franchise, is positioning itself to experience another explosive quarter of growth in Q2 2018 after a record-setting six months. Q4 2017 and Q1 2018 produced phenomenal franchise development success across two countries.

Stratus Building Solutions is proving its reputation as the nation’s leading green commercial cleaning and janitorial services franchise with 12 new master franchise agreements signed in the last six months – an astonishing 200 percent increase over the ten previous quarters combined. The growth spans across several American states and multiple Canadian provinces. The most recent masters to join the company include:
• Oklahoma City - Chris & Danny Green
• Miami - Edwardo Nigro & Maria Nigro
• Tampa - Kevin Martinez
• St. Paul – Ricardo & Lupita Bonifaz & Luis Alvarez Hurtado
• Wichita – James Barfield
• Detroit – Jeffrey & Angela Kelosky
• Dallas – Shaun Butterworth
• Portland – Tenissia Evans & Kim Butler
• Seattle – Joshua Lay
• Calgary – George Merik
• Edmonton – Lana Bilodeau
• Hamilton – Shafiq Mohamed & Monika Lapinski

These master franchisees, and all other existing Stratus Building Solutions master franchisees, are responsible for introducing an unprecedented 210 new unit franchisees in the past six months, helping Stratus Building Solutions broaden its footprint as the nation’s leading green commercial cleaning and janitorial services franchise. Furthermore, two master franchisees are now under contract to develop Atlanta and Maryland.

This groundbreaking expansion is the outcome of a strategic plan centered on brand building efforts, key vendor additions, and wonderful referrals from The Entrepreneur’s Source – a leading national franchise coaching organization that consistently provides Stratus Building Solutions with strong Master franchisee candidates.

Stratus Building Solutions is trending upward, and according to CEO Afshin Cangarlu, the best has yet to come.

“We’re excited and encouraged by the growth surge we’ve experienced the last six months, but it certainly isn’t surprising,” says Cangarlu. “We were diligent in our discussions as we developed this growth plan and now we are seeing the desired results. The nation is gaining a better appreciation of our mission to provide green cleaning and janitorial services and that in turn has made our system a desirable destination for future business owners. We are grateful for the success but are far from satisfied as we look to expand the brand name to more regions.”

Canada is among the desired areas Stratus Building Solutions is specifically targeting in 2018. The man leading the charge in Canada is Stuart Erskine, a franchisee veteran who has extensive experience with multiple brands that conduct business in Canada and abroad. Erskine will not only focus his attention on Stratus Building Solutions in Canada, but he also has eyes on Australia.

In the United States, Stratus Building Solutions is sticking to the game plan that produced outstanding recent results, as it seeks like-minded masters in target areas including Chicago, New England, and the DMV region (Washington, DC/Northern Virginia/Maryland).