According to a June 2012 report by IBISWorld (a worldwide market research organization), while the recession has hampered the urinal manufacturing industry, the market has also "benefited from significant technological advancements." These technological advancements, states the report, refer to the development of "high-efficiency sanitary urinal models," otherwise known as no-water or waterless urinals.
"These urinals have been replacing existing urinals that use a water flush," notes the report. "[One reason for this is because] many cities throughout the U.S. have begun offering tax credits to firms that incorporate high-efficiency urinals into their building plans."
Klaus Reichardt, CEO and Founder of Waterless Co. Inc., says other reasons for the sales growth include the current drought impacting so much of the U.S. and the increased focus on sustainability throughout North America.
"Sustainability is like a train that can't be stopped," Reichardt says. "Every facility we work with [now] is taking steps to be greener and more sustainable—and conserving water and using it more efficiently are key to that equation."
Today's restroom fixture manufacturing and building construction industries are closely tied. According to the report, urinal manufacturing declined by more than 11 percent in 2009 and 8 percent in 2010. Similar declines were noted in building construction.
However, the report predicts a rebound in nonresidential construction over the next five years and notes that sales growth in urinal manufacturing is also expected to grow.
"In a sense, urinal manufacturing is a barometer of economic directions," say Reichardt. "When sales of urinals and other restroom fixtures go up, it usually means more [building] construction and retrofitting is occurring."