Golden Gate Bridge at sunset seen from San Francisco beach, California.

Coronavirus concerns are rising in California and strong measures are being taken to lessen the spread of both these worries and the virus.

California Governor Gavin Newsom and state health officials say they're so zoned-in on preventing an outbreak that they are using methods to trace all the contact a coronavirus-positive Solano County woman has had with others, reports The Washington Post.

Worries have grown after it was found out that the women had been out and about in her community while she had the virus before she went to the hospital Feb. 15. Concerns grew to be even higher once it was discovered that before going to the hospital the woman was already showing symptoms, meaning she was especially contagious.

But Solano County went on a hunt. They have identified members of the woman's family who have been in contact with her and now those people are in isolation. The hospital where the woman was first admitted was also working to identify other people who were in contact with the woman.

Efforts to control the spread of coronavirus has grown significantly in other areas of California, too. The Southern Californian city of Costa Mesa barred people being tested for coronavirus from being transferred to their nearby hospital — even though there was plenty of room, reports Business Insider.

U.S. District Judge Josephine Stanton gave a hospital on a Bay Area Air Force Base a restraining order which prevents it from bringing the possibly sick patients to Costa Mesa.