Warsaw, Poland. 23 April 2018. Sign Starbucks Coffee. Company signboard Starbucks Coffee.

Kimberly-Clark Corporation has elected Starbucks Executive Leadership team member John W. Culver to its board of directors, according to a press release. Culver joins Kimberly-Clark’s Audit Committee, effective immediately.

"I am excited to add John and his perspective to our board of directors," says Mike Hsu, chairman and CEO of Kimberly-Clark. "His global leadership experience at Starbucks, including leading the growth of the Starbucks brand in China, will contribute to our board conversations as we execute our strategy to accelerate growth in developing and emerging markets and elevate our core categories."

In addition to serving on Starbucks’ Executive Leadership Team, Culver works as Starbucks group president of International, Channel Development and Global Coffee, Tea and Cocoa. He has responsibility for leading Starbucks retail growth and operations in 60 markets across China, Asia Pacific and Europe, Middle East and Africa, as well as global growth and business development for its Channel Development business which includes Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Foodservice and Evolution Fresh. He also has the additional responsibility of leading the growth and development of Starbucks coffee, tea and cocoa businesses. Culver serves on multiple boards across Starbucks international markets.

A graduate of Florida State University, Mr. Culver is a member of the College of Business Hall of Fame. He also has a strong commitment to supporting United States military veterans and currently serves on the board of directors of The Mission Continues, a national, nonpartisan nonprofit that empowers veterans to continue their service, leveraging their talent and skills to generate visible impact for communities.