Square Scrub Names Sales Rep And Sales Group Of The Year

Every year at ISSA/INTERCLEAN, Square Scrub honors the sales representative of the year, as well as the sales representative group of the year. At the ISSA/INTERCLEAN show this year, Square Scrub named Access Partners as their 2017 Rep Group of the Year.

Access Partners represents Square Scrub throughout California and Nevada. They continue to work closely with current dealers, but also look at ways to expand the Square Scrub brand through end users and new dealer partners. Mark Presho, Senior Vice president of Access Partners excepted the award on behalf of Access Partners.

Square Scrub also named Kevin Sullivan of Prime Line, Inc. as their Rep of the Year. Kevin is a proven sales leader, as well as a phenomenal representative for both Square Scrub and Prime Line, Inc. Kevin covers Illinois and Wisconsin, and continues to grow the territory by working closely with all of his dealers and end user customers. He has over 30 years of janitorial sales experience, and brings a sense of humor and fun to his customers.

Both awards were presented by Mark Wierda, Square Scrub Vice President of Sales.