Portrait Of Happy Male And Female Janitors With Cleaning Equipment

Dan Weltin, editor-in-chief of Contracting Profits and Sanitary Maintenance, as well as executive editor of CleanLink.com, was a recent guest on the “Beyond Clean Podcast.”

The podcast is hosted by Dave Thompson and originates from the Academy of Cleaning Excellence at GEM Supply in Orlando, Florida.

The pair discussed the success of the inaugural Clean Buildings Expo, where Thompson was a speaker. The free event, created by Trade Press Media Group (Contracting Profits’ parent company) and ISSA, was held in Baltimore in March. In their discussion, Weltin and Thompson focus on the education and  networking for building service contractors and in-house cleaning facility managers offered at Clean Buildings Expo.

On of the education sessions at the event was Thompson’s “How To Create A Rock Star Custodian.” In the podcast, Weltin shares his thoughts on the interactive and entertaining presentation defining nine personality traits of outstanding frontline janitors. 

Listen to the audio podcast here or watch a video version here.

Clean Buildings Expo returns to Baltimore March 17-18, 2020.