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A San Francisco janitor was one of six essential workers to speak to how COVID-19 has made his own particular profession challenging during a hearing held by the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis, reports San Francisco News.

The special subcommittee was formed to explore how taxpayer money is being used to fund things related to coronavirus, examine related laws and monitor response to the pandemic.

The janitor, Marcos Aranda, says coronavirus has made it harder for he and other janitors to do their job safely. He says it's easy for janitors to come into contact with COVID-19 and difficult for these workers to deal with the sickness once they've been diagnosed.

Like many janitors, Aranda is upset that he had to come into work during the outbreak at a time where he could have jeopardized others. He says he came into contact with a sick coworker but could afford to only stay home for two days after the incident. 

Aranada, whose wife has been laid off because of the pandemic, says his situation isn't at all unique.