Green check certification

Spartan Chemical announced it has been named a Safer Choice Partner of the Year for 2023. This recognition from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) celebrates Spartan's commitment to the Safer Choice product certification program and its continued dedication to protecting the health of people and the environment.

Since 2008, Spartan Chemical has partnered with the Safer Choice program to emphasize its responsibility toward environmental sustainability and product safety. With a diverse portfolio of 15 Safer Choice-certified products and two Design for the Environment (DfE) certified disinfectants, Spartan has shown steadfast commitment to offering solutions that align with the highest standards of safety and stewardship.

"This recognition is a testament to our core values and the dedication of our team members at all levels,” says Cali Sartor, vice president of marketing, Spartan Chemical Company. “We always strive to formulate products that provide excellent results while having minimal impact on people and the environment. This recognition is a pretty clear indication we’re moving in the right direction.”

Spartan Chemical not only focuses on product formulation but also endeavors to bring about meaningful change in its operations and business practices. The company's achievements in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and maintaining energy efficiency, even after a 58 percent increase in total square footage from 2007 to 2022, showcase its commitment to a sustainable future.

In 2021, Spartan launched a Chemical Management Policy (CMP), setting new benchmarks for ingredient transparency, which goes above and beyond the legal requirements. The CMP promises a brighter future by prioritizing the removal of identified chemicals in new and existing product formulations.

Moreover, Spartan's efforts transcend their products. They actively contribute to sustainability by preserving the natural environment, promoting recycling and implementing water conservation strategies in their operations.

"It's not just about creating products; it's about creating a legacy of care, trust and responsibility," addes Rebecca Kaufold, manager of government affairs and sustainability, Spartan Chemical Company.