More than 65 industry professionals from across the United States converged on Maumee, Ohio on June 20  to take part in a Clothesline Fresh Laundry & SparClean Warewash Seminar hosted by Spartan Chemical Company, Inc.

This seminar featured two class levels for sales technicians and service representatives. The basic training session was for new sales techs/service representatives. Attendees learned about Spartan’s laundry and warewash products as well as sales techniques. Hands-on training with installation of dispensers was also offered. A parallel session was held with advanced training for individuals who have been service representatives for at least two years. The special two-day event, which concluded on June 21st, also offered unparalleled networking opportunities.

In attendance were: Bob Smith, Millsboro, DE; Richard Ludwig, Detroit, MI; Todd Burris, Detroit, MI; Fawn Volz, Charlotte, NC; Don Thornson, Reno, NV; Mitch McGuire, Holly Hill, FL; Trent Steves, Grand Junction, CO; Elsa Espinoza, Modesto, CA; John Pelczynski, Modesto, CA; Brian Benson, Willowick, OH; Jon Spokas, Willowick, OH; Paige Horn, Tyler, TX; Frank Monreal, Tyler, TX; Matt Sweet, Middletown, NY; Dave Keyes, Middletown, NY; Tom Sughrue, Zionsville, IN; Trevor Miller, Twin Falls, ID; Charles Lara, San Antonio, TX; Ramsey Martinez, Victoria, TX; Jim Finch, Auburn, NY; Joe Sardina, Auburn, NY; Nate Grover, Auburn, NY; Bob Kiernan, Auburn, NY; John R. Bell, Auburn, NY; Deborah Beck, Bethlehem, PA; Scott Crocker, Richmond, CA; Wilbur J. Kinley, Orangeburg, SC; Lowell McKay, Leighton, AL; Wade Love, Bastrop, LA; Tom Harrison, Scranton, PA; Philip Knowles, Pensacola, FL; Steve Davis, Modesto, CA; Andrew Hernandez, Modesto, CA; Aaron Jobe, Lenexa, KS; Larry Johnson, Landover, MD; Chris Castor, El Paso, TX; Bruce Koliba, El Paso, TX; David Montoya, El Paso, TX; Nichol Pradon, Benton Harbor, MI; Joe Stainbrook, Benton Harbor, MI; Scott DeAquair, Tampa, FL; Ron Curlee, Greenville, SC; Ronnie Petterson, Greenville, SC; Clark Waldrep, Greenville, SC; Will Curlee, Greenville, SC; Judy Lucas, Hagerstown, MD.