Spartan Chemical Company, a manufacturer of sustainable cleaning and sanitation solutions for the industrial and institutional market, was awarded the distinguished honor of being named Brame Specialty Company 's Vendor of the Year at their annual sales meeting on January 17, 2013.
Spartan Chemical and Brame Specialty have had a longstanding relationship.  Since 1957, the two companies have partnered to offer solutions for janitorial programs to the North Carolina area.  As the companies have grown, they have expanded their offerings from industrial degreasers and bathroom cleaners to complete computerized cleaning maintenance management systems for their customers.  Over the years, one thing has not changed:  the commitment to partnering on each opportunity.  In recognition of their continuous dedication to Brame Specialty's success, Spartan Chemical was awarded their Vendor of the Year award for 2012. 
"It is truly a value add partnership," said Texene Van Pelt , director of purchasing for Brame Specialty Company.  "A partner like Spartan is rare in today's climate where most companies are focused on price and the relationship gets diluted.  Spartan focusses on bringing us value that we can turn into real profits."
"Being a family-owned, long standing company, Brame Specialty has a similar approach to business as does Spartan." said Jerred Attanasio, regional manager for Spartan Chemical,  "At Spartan we are committed to strategic partnering with our distributor partners.  With Brame, that comittment is reciprocated and the result is a strong, profitable partnership that grows each year."
Spartan Chemical was represented by Jerred Attanasio, regional sales manager, and George McClatchey, regional sales manager.