Spartan Chemical Company was awarded the distinguished honor of being named Johnston Paper’s Vendor of the Year at their annual vendor dinner on December 13, 2012.

“We greatly appreciate the timely manner in which Spartan undertook projects from us and returned quality output,” said Mike May, president of Johnston Paper. “’Adding Value’ has always been our main goal at Johnston Paper and having Spartan Chemical as one of our core partners helped us realize that mission in 2012.”

Each year, Johnston Paper holds a dinner event to honor its core vendors and to celebrate the year’s success. In recognition of their contributions to growth, profitabilty, and strong partnering in the market, Spartan Chemical was awarded the prestigous Vendor of the Year award for 2012.

“Spartan emphasizes ‘Strategic Partnering’ with our distributor network.” said Mark Collins, regional manager for Spartan Chemical, “This award acknowledges that we are doing our job; not only providing great products, great service, and on-demand logistics, but partnerning with Johnston paper to keep them aware of market and technology trends.”

Spartan Chemical was represented by Jack Ellison, divisional manager, Jay Anderson, regional sales manager, and Mark Collins, regional sales manager.