Industry professionals from across the United States attended Spartan Chemical Company, Inc.’s Distributor Sales Seminar in Maumee, Ohio September 19-21, 2011. At the seminar, special focus was placed on green cleaning and sustainability initiatives.

Attendees learned about Spartan’s complete line of institutional and industrial cleaning products, with emphasis on Spartan’s environmentally preferable products, proper use, and how these products will help their customers support sustainability initiatives. Spartan’s Green Cleaning Specialist Certification Program also featured a hands-on training session where participants worked with Spartan’s product lines to learn proper cleaning procedures.

Throughout the two and a half-day program, participants completed assignments and tests to validate their knowledge. At the end of the program, participants received a certificate and a certification card to recognize their Spartan Green Cleaning Specialist certification.

In attendance were: Kyle Ruhe, Detroit, MI; Mike Jackson, Detroit, MI; Eric Feld, Carlstadt, NJ; Jackie Bennett, Carlstadt, NJ; Tommy Ridgeway, Asheville, NC; Steve Graefe, Auburn, MA; Lee Naiser, Lexington, KY; Frank Dietrich, Stephenville, TX; Vicki Loblein, Durham, NC; Martha Campbell Howell, Durham, NC; Scott Holland; Grand Junction, CO; Kenneth Speedy, Grand Junction, CO; Cory Langston, Laurel, MS; Paul Jackson, Wenatchee, WA; Steve Hitzroth, Wenatchee, WA; Scott Archer, Jackson, MS; Frank Sequeira, Coachella, CA; Joe Trujillo, Coachella, CA; Ellen Wood, Stillwater, OK; Jenny Hentges, Stillwater, OK; Romeo de la Garza, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico; Romeo Jr de la Garza, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico; Diego de la Garza, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico; Rick Lammers, Madison, WI; Nancy Plankey, Rockford, IL; Tim Cardoni, Hazelwood, MO; Jonathan Estes, Hazelwood, MO; Michael Patterson, Bluefield, WV; Stephanie Salyers, Bluefield, WV; Joe Bischoff, Pensacola, FL; Don Cunningham, St. Paul, MN; Kevin O'Brien, Melbourne, FL; Andy Silverstrim, Williamsport, PA; Matt Sehenuk, Williamsport, PA; Tom Cayce, Owensboro, KY; Jondra Eberhard, Columbus, OH; Carol Behymer, Galesburg, IL; Troy Behymer, Galesburg, IL.