Southern Ute Earns Accredited Healthy Building Status

The Southern Ute Indian Tribe (SUIT) in Ignacio, Colorado, recently earned Accredited Healthy Building status for numerous facilities on the reservation. It took nearly six months of tireless efforts by the SUIT Clean Team, countless entries on the Accredited Health Cleaning Dashboard and multitudes of implementations to achieve these milestones of health.

There are three levels an operation can strive for by identifying healthy attributes that have been implemented in their facilities. Each attribute is awarded points and the levels are determined by the number of points verified by the Academy of Cleaning Excellence.
Level One: Turquoise - 200 minimum of 800
Level Two: Jade - 450 minimum of 800
Level Three: Emerald - 800 minimum of 1400

Of 12 buildings on the SUIT grounds to earn accreditation, the first to be recognized was the Properties and Facilities building. The SUIT Clean Team operates out of this building, which was awarded the Turquoise Level. The seal on the front door lets each person entering this building know there has been a standard met in providing a healthy environment for them to be in during their activities.

Additionally, two other buildings earned the Turquoise Level: Tribal Housing and Higher Education.

The Jade Level was achieved by these SUIT buildings on campus:
Justice Center - 585 points
Central Receiving - 495 points
Medical Clinic - 525 points
Moache - Capote Building - 475 points
Museum - 525 points
Sun Ute Community Center - 570 points

At the highest level of achievement are three SUIT buildings, earning the Emerald Level:
Leonard C. Burch Building - 956 points
Multi-Purpose Building - 965 points
Justice and Regulatory Administration - 805 points

"The Academy of Cleaning Excellence believes that every operation is doing something right to provide healthy, safe buildings," says David Thompson, Academy of Cleaning Excellence. "We encourage you to join the Southern Ute Indian Tribe and find your starting point today."   

The Academy of Cleaning Excellence provides professional development education to the cleaning industry, through motivational sessions, eLearning, and engaging LIVE classes throughout the U.S.