Solutex Safer Choice Award
Charles Moody, president, Solutex Inc. and Linda Rutsch, US EPA Outreach and Education

On Nov. 1, 2022, Solutex, Inc. was proud to receive their fifth Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award from the US EPA’s Safer Choice Program. “We love the way that this program partners with businesses like ours to educate and promote safer, greener and effective chemistry to our customers and the community,” says Solutex President Charles Moody. 

Commemorating the honor, pictured below from left-to-right is David Wadawsky, director, U.S. EPA OCSPP; Charles Moody, president, Solutex, Inc.; Monica Moody, vice president, Solutex, Inc.; Brittany Witt, Solutex, Inc.; Chuck Muth, Solutex, Inc.; Michal Freedhoff, U.S. EPA OCSPP; Jennie Romer, U.S. EPA OCSPP.