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Solenis, a leading global producer of specialty chemicals, announced it has acquired Aqua ChemPacs, announced it has acquired Aqua ChemPacs, LLC, on June 10, 2024.

Headquartered in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, Aqua ChemPacs is a leading manufacturer of pre-portioned, concentrated liquid chemical packs utilizing low-carbon-footprint packaging.

Used in restaurants, retail stores, healthcare and educational facilities, arenas and event venues around the world, the company’s innovative ChemPacs dissolve easily in water so customers can produce a variety of high-quality cleaning and disinfection products on-site.

ChemPacs provide precise portion control, require no messy mixing and help eliminate the risks associated with pouring chemicals from bottles. In addition, ChemPac products are concentrated and weigh less than traditional ready-made cleaners and disinfectants, so they are less expensive to ship, deliver and store.

Because ChemPacs contain no plastic and are completely dissolvable in water, their use by customers helps ensure that less single-use plastic packaging ends up in landfills.

Notably, several ChemPac products have also earned the coveted Green Seal Certification status for excellence in sustainability and production processes.

Commenting on the acquisition, Jim Marks, vice president and general manager of Solenis’ Institutional Solutions business in North America, said, “We are excited to welcome the Aqua ChemPacs team to Solenis and to add their eco-friendly cleaning and disinfection solutions to our Diversey portfolio. Every time a ChemPac is used instead of a plastic bottle, it’s a win for the planet and a testament to our mission of delivering value to customers by helping them solve their operational and sustainability challenges.”

Steve Seneca, founder and president of Aqua ChemPacs, described how pleased he is that Aqua ChemPacs is being added to the Diversey eco-friendly portfolio. “I’m excited that Solenis will expand the use of our novel cleaning pod technology with new customers around the world. I will forever be thankful to my amazing team of employees and our loyal customers and suppliers.”