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Aquicore, IoT-driven asset operations platform for commercial real estate (CRE), announced several new updates to its cloud-based platform that make it easier for executives, property managers and building engineers to set up new devices and monitor building performance, both at the meter level and the portfolio level.
The Aquicore platform tracks, analyzes and predicts key building metrics in real-time from meters, submeters, equipment and sensors in buildings. The platform enables asset and property managers to make faster and more informed decisions on key performance indicators such as energy and water use, budgeting and more. Improving on existing features within Aquicore’s platform, the new updates further refine the installation process, add functionality to Aquicore’s mobile app and delivers high-level portfolio analysis in a digestible format to asset managers.

The new updates include:

• Mobile Devices and Equipment Management: Users can now manage devices, register new meters and view the performance of their equipment in the Aquicore mobile app, saving building teams time and eliminating the need for clipboard-based processes. And, because building engineers spend a lot of time in areas with poor connectivity, the new offline mode allows them to complete projects without an internet connection. The devices will then seamlessly sync with the platform once it reconnects to the internet.
• Mobile Alerts with Escalation Policies: Users can now configure thresholds or use Aquicore’s intelligent auto-detection algorithms to receive instant alerts in the Aquicore mobile app whenever their buildings are experiencing an issue or going over budget. Additionally, users can quickly solve issues as a team by setting escalation policies that notify others in the building if an issue persists for too long. By enabling alerts on the mobile app, Aquicore is making sure the right information gets into the right hands even faster.
• Portfolio Reports: Asset managers and other CRE executives often have limited time to receive and review high-level data about their portfolios. Portfolio Reports deliver at-a-glance updates about key performance indicators on a regular basis.
“These new updates reflect information gained from interviews and feedback sessions with users, as well as engagement tracking, to enhance our platform and make it easier to use,” said Mike Donovan, vice president of product at Aquicore. “With these updates, we strive to provide cutting edge technology to ensure users across an organization are able to work faster and more efficiently to improve the performance of each asset within their portfolio.”