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Sofidel, a leading global provider of paper for hygienic and domestic use, won a 2022 ISSA Innovation Award for its Papernet HyTech Seas dispensers. The dispensers are made using recovered ocean plastic, primarily from fishing lines, and Sofidel earned an Environment & Sustainability Award for its dedication to environmental innovation.  

“This award demonstrates our commitment to sustainability,” said Giorgia Giove, Marketing Manager at Sofidel America. “We are dedicated to developing products that help protect our planet now and into the future.”

Sofidel’s Papernet HyTech Seas dispensers are made by taking recovered ocean plastic and turning it into an injectable material. From there, the material is molded into highly durable paper dispensers. One ton of recovered ocean plastic can produce 484 HyTech Seas hand towel dispensers or 582 HyTech Seas toilet paper dispensers.

In addition to developing the HyTech Seas dispensers, Sofidel has a partnership with Ocean Conservancy and sponsored Costa Cleanup’s Third Annual Beach Cleanup Day in South Padre Island, Texas. The company has plans to expand its partnership with Ocean Conservancy and will be participating in additional beach cleanups in 2023. 

“We are committed to protecting our oceans and beaches to improve communities and the health of our planet,” adds Fabio Vitali, vice president, Marketing at Sofidel America. “We have developed strategic partnerships to help us do so and are committed to working with organizations to protect ocean wildlife, beaches and people.”

There’s been an ongoing trend of businesses and consumers wanting to work with organizations that prioritize sustainability, and they expect businesses to do their part to improve the environment. 

“Providing our customers with innovative, sustainable hygiene solutions is at the heart of our business,” says Mark Kirchgasser, vice president of Sales, Sofidel America. “We’re extremely proud to receive this recognition.”