Language class concept

Sofidel launched its Language Learning Program to help employees improve vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and reading skills, all based on their personal interests and professional goals.

The Language Learning Program is free and accessible to all Sofidel employees and includes useful tools like daily exercises, educational videos, articles and specific tools to help team members who want to improve their grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation for various languages, including English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.

“Sofidel is proud to have a diverse team of employees who come from different backgrounds and speak various languages,” says Linda Bonfanti, training manager, Sofidel. “Our Language Learning Program offers classes in English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.”

This program is unique in that it offers tools for language learners at all levels. Each student can log in using their personal device at any time to practice daily exercises and get help from virtual teachers on pronunciation and grammar. To further enhance language learning, the program offers classes for up to nine people, anywhere in the world, to gain a deeper understanding of a particular language with others at their level.

“Our goal was to create a program that helps all our employees overcome language barriers and expand their knowledge in business and personal settings, which is exactly what this program offers,” adds Bonfanti. 

This initiative is one among many other to enhance free services useful for Sofidel employees.