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Sofidel, a global provider of paper for hygienic and domestic use, recently launched plastic-free packaging for select Papernet Heavenly Soft products, according to a press statement. The Heavenly Soft toilet paper and paper towels are available in easy-to-open and easy-to-carry cardboard packaging, making them a practical solution for retail clubs and e-commerce, as well as buyers in commercial environments such as offices, restaurants, hotels, cruise lines and small businesses.  

“Businesses with limited storage space for cleaning and hygiene essentials don’t have the luxury of keeping an endless supply of toilet paper and paper towels on site,” said Giorgia Giove, marketing manager – Away From Home, Sofidel America. “The new Heavenly Soft offerings are perfect for space-limited environments, and because they eliminate the use of unnecessary plastic packaging, they are a more sustainable choice.” 

The ready-to-shelve, plastic-free packaging was built with quality in mind and features unique micro embossing on the exterior. Plastic-free packaging is available for Heavenly Soft bath tissue in a 24-roll value pack. One roll of this two-ply toilet paper is equivalent to three traditional rolls, making it a long-lasting and soft option for restrooms. The Heavenly Soft 12-roll value pack of kitchen towels is also available in sustainable packaging. The two-ply paper towels offer more sheets than regular rolls and are strong and absorbent to help businesses reduce waste.  

“Throughout the novel coronavirus pandemic, many small businesses have relied on trusted brick-and-mortar and online retailers for paper and cleaning products. With this launch, Papernet allows retail clubs and e-commerce sites to offer a differentiated assortment of tissue and towels to customers that includes sustainable and reliable options for restrooms, kitchens and dining areas,” said Fabio Vitali, vice president, marketing, Sofidel America “These two new products will soon be joined by a wider assortment as Papernet further strengthens its omnichannel strategy.”