Waste management initiative

Sodexo Live! announced it has joined the International Aviation Waste Management Association (IAWMA) as a founding member. The membership and collaboration is the first of its kind for food, beverage and hospitality companies, as the IAWMA mission expands across all stakeholders within the aviation ecosystem to lead the industry in its transition to a circular economy.

“We are thrilled to align ourselves with IAWMA, an organization that is leading the charge to close the waste collection gaps and reduce the global carbon footprint of the aviation industry,” says Suzy Kitcher, global chief executive officer, Sodexo Live! Airport Lounges. “We are committed to playing our part and fine-tuning our operations with the help of aviation's most trusted circular economy knowledge source.”  

As part of this newly announced partnership, Sodexo Live! commits to: 

• Develop strategies to include carbon reduction and circularity embedment 

• Review its waste recovery activities to include increased diversion 

• Ensure gaps closure to reduce waste across its assets

“Today’s news coincides with World Environment Day, led by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP),” says Gregoire James, commercial director & founder of IAWMA. “Since 1973, World Environment Day has put a global spotlight on pressing environmental challenges. Together with Sodexo Live!, we have forged an unwavering commitment to lead our planet to advance resource recovery within our assets and brands to ensure future generations benefit from our work in this regard. As millions worldwide celebrate this day, we felt it was perfectly aligned to announce this commitment along with market leader Sodexo Live!.”  

The IAWMA is a renowned non-profit organization and a global leader dedicated to the reduction and eventual elimination of all solid waste resulting from air transport activity worldwide. This new strategic partnership is designed to foster broader coordination, share best practices and innovation, and increase stakeholder participation inside and outside of aviation.  With the goal to promote and develop high-impact standards in global aviation that will serve as the basis for advanced circular economy practices. 

To support the circular economy within the aviation industry, IAWMA: 

• Creates enhanced recycling programs to foster global recovery 

• Develops monetization strategies with supply and collection stakeholders 

• Disseminates knowledge for the procurement and recovery of materials

The commitment is the next iteration of Sodexo’s Better Tomorrow 2025 effort, which is a global corporate responsibility strategy that leverages the organization’s role as an employer, service provider and corporate citizen to achieve positive impact for individuals, communities and the environment. Better Tomorrow 2025 consists of nine robust commitments designed to reinforce the culture of responsible behavior throughout Sodexo's broader business. These nine commitments are fully aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and each one is underpinned by a hard measurable objective — such as having 33 percent plant-based planned menus by 2025 — allowing the organization to constantly monitor progress.  

Adds James, “As a leading hospitality provider for airport lounges and entertainment destinations globally, Sodexo Live! brings expertise, access and demonstrable bench strength and coupled with existing IAWMA initiatives and standards development with SAE International, together we can ensure we remain at the forefront of aviation sustainability leadership."