person rubbing hand sanitizer into their hands

A tech company in the United Kingdom has revealed a “smart” hand sanitizer dispenser that keeps janitors, business owners and facility managers abreast of how hand sanitizer is being used within a facility.

SAVORTEX’s dispenser uses a cellular connection to provide updates on when health might be compromised because occupants or workers are failing to use the dispenser, reports Forbes. The dispenser also sends out alerts when sanitizer is running low and even features a video display screen that its operators can use to provide pro-hand hygiene messaging. Finally, the dispensers uses sensors to determine the exact amount of hand sanitizer that needs to be dispensed onto a hand.

SAVORTEX’s Chief Operating Officer, Syed Ahmed, tells Forbes that the COVID-19 pandemic further demonstrates how hand sanitizer can be used to maintain hand hygiene. He says that the fact that the dispenser is “no touch” further aids hand hygiene efforts.

Forbes believes SAVORTEX’s hand sanitizer dispenser is the first major device of its kind, as other competing machines lack the data reporting and non-usage alert capabilities.

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