Seal 360 Consulting, Inc. kicks off operations as Skip Seal, experienced sales professional for over 34 years, launches the consulting firm from Fort Myers, Florida. In addition to his extensive and progressively successful sales record, Seal is a USGBC LEED Accredited Professional and is an ISSA CIMS- GB Industry Certification Expert. The firm will focus on assisting wholesale distribution, healthcare, education, and government facilities.

With five additional contracted consulting professionals, the Seal 360 team offers a full circle of services. By bringing in experts who also offer proven mentoring and sales tool building skill sets, distributors can gain the benefits of specialization without the commitment of adding to headcount.

For end users, Seal 360 creates smart ways to stay in budget or justify budget increases. Energy Audits, workloading, custom quality control implementations, LEED or CIMS certification project management, laundry analysis, and site specific procedure manuals are areas in which Seal 360 Consulting, Inc. can assist.