Male singer

Paul Flamand has been working at South County Hospital in Wakefield, Rhode Island, for two years. He joined the team just before the pandemic, never realizing the challenges that he'd face in the position. 

Like is the case in many facilities, the workers and occupants at the hospital encountered many trials and tribulations over the last 18 months. It was during these difficult times, Flamand saw an opportunity to spread job to others. According to NBC 10 News reports, he began singing from the heart and share his talents throughout the hospital. 

Turns out, Flamand is part of a family group of singers who perform for the community outside of his working hours. But because of the pandemic, the group couldn't get together to perform. Finally, in July, the group was able to gather at the hospital where they performed for a group of patients and hospital staff. Recordings were also spread through the hospital's social feeds, further spreading joy into the community.

"[Everyone] seemed to really enjoy it," Flamand told NBC reporters. "We felt good about doing it and it always feels good when you bring joy to someone’s heart."

The performance went so well, hospital officials asked Flamand and his group to sing at the upcoming graduation ceremony for the nursing students. 

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