open plan office building

There are a variety of factors that can influence the condition of the air behind closed office windows, according to an article on the Commercial Café website. Likewise, there are a variety of air quality factors that can enhance productivity.

A building’s HVAC system probably has a biggest impact on a building’s air quality. If neglected, the HVAC system can have a negative effect on productivity. But there are other key factors that can positively affect a workplace’s air quality and productivity.

• Humidity levels also contribute to indoor air quality. High humidity and overall moisture can help spread unhealthy pollutants.

• Installing simple floor mats at every entrance can greatly lower the levels of pollutants that could be tracked in.

• Be smart with vacuuming. Use a vacuum that has a rotating brush and a HEPA filter. This helps prevent dust from being redistributed into the air. Also remember to empty the vacuum frequently.

• Using a microfiber mop and water will remove dust from hard floor surfaces. For heavily-soiled floors, cleaners are recommended, but use sparingly as chemical fragrances can also negatively affect the air.

• Trash bins that are not emptied daily can produce odors and can contribute to biological contamination.

• Whenever possible, choose natural air fresheners.

• Consider adding greenery to the office. Many varieties of indoor plants actively clean the air. For instance, a few types of palm, such as the areca, lady and bamboo varieties, the rubber plant, the fig and the peace lily all help recycle carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

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