Cleaning and complaints unfortunately go hand-in-hand. Some of these comments are warranted, but many times, cleaning professionals will receive a complaint that causes them to stop, question and maybe even laugh a bit.

For example, one frontline worker came across a dust ball with a sign next to it instructing that it be left alone — then received a complaint that it wasn't cleaned up. One occupant complained about the lack of natural light in their basement office. Another complained that there were too many holes in a bulletin board where they had placed many staples.

The list goes on, but complaints aren't exclusive from building occupants. Frontline workers give cleaning executives an earful now and then, too. These comments often revolve around staffing and the building occupants.

For example, lack of staff and/or time to complete tasks is a common complaint among frontline workers. Others include coworkers not fulfilling duties of the job and not enough subs to support absences. But don't forget about staff complaints about the building occupants: vandalizing or trashing restrooms shortly after cleaning, cluttered desks impacting cleaning efficiencies, fingerprints on windows and the age-old testing of cleaners (leaving something on floors to see if it gets cleaned up).

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