Nursing home

Those working on the frontlines of a crisis such as this often have to take on more duties than usual. This is the case in Canada, where the janitor at a residential and long-term care center has been doing more than just maintaining cleanliness, reports the Montreal Gazette.

The janitor, who is not named in the Gazette's report, had been keeping a family as close as they could possibly be given the circumstances by lending his phone and assistance in FaceTime sessions between a mother and daughter. The sessions didn't just occur once or twice, but were taking place three times a week.

However, these talks were put on hold after nearly all of the staff at the senior care center and 35 of the 50 residents tested positive for COVID-19. The janitor could no long help the elderly women to talk with her daughter because he and his wife were now doubling as chefs after the regular cook became ill.

Sadly, all the janitor's hard work wasn't enough. Extra doctors, nurses, orderlies, cleaning staff and security had to be brought in to help take care of a situation that had gotten way out of hand.