A group of bipartisan U.S. senators met earlier this week to discuss negotiations regarding the ongoing debate over immigration, citizenship and the proposed temporary-worker program. According to reports from The Los Angeles Times, the group compromised on a decision that will, no doubt, create some debate among the American public.

The bill would allow most illegal immigrants now in the country to become citizens. It will also reshape how legal immigrants are admitted, and will crate security measures that eventually would require all U.S. workers to prove their legal status.

According to the article, "the plan to legalize most of the nation's estimated 12 million illegal immigrants and to create a temporary-worker program would not start until steps were completed to strengthen border security and workplace enforcement.

"The bill calls for hiring about 6,000 additional Border Patrol officers, building hundreds of miles of fencing and vehicle barriers, and expanding surveillance with radar towers and aerial drones. Employers would have to electronically verify the legal status of new hires and would face stiff penalties for breaking the law."

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