A woman, seen from behind, is sweeping and cleaning the floors in a school corridor.

Perry Shimanoff, principal of MC2 − Management And Communication Consultants − with offices in San Carlos, California, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma − is offering pro bono school and university cleaning seminars that enable the “Smartest Cleaning” as a way to give back to the school community, and enable best practices.

The program consists of a three-hour workshop held on-site at a school that hosts the program, invites attendees, and provides refreshments.

Per Tom Morrison, VP of Kaivac, sponsor of the event: “We are pleased and proud to support this effort by such an experienced, respected consultant in custodial best practices, and look forward to the positive outcomes surely resulting from this training.”

“Kaivac was the first company to design and manufacture ‘no touch’ cleaning machines, and we are delighted to select them to work with our firm,” says Perry. “Kaivac understands the importance of training, and we appreciate their state of the art cleaning machines.”

He concludes: “We have limited openings for this valuable effort, so please call now @ 650-465-2729 to reserve your training.”

Shimanoff has almost four decades of experience teaching the smartest methods of cleaning and managing overall efforts. He has taught nearly 20,000 custodians nationally, at more than 800 school districts, written 70-100 articles requested by journals, and as part of his commitment to make the complicated simple, MC2 offers comprehensive performance audits and proven software with a huge installed base and successful track record.

Performance Audits: In-depth audits and reports for operational effectiveness, examine paperwork, data, documentation and labor; including interviewing personnel and observing employees at work.

Field Proven Software: SPMMS offers a complete facilities, grounds, equipment and vehicle maintenance management and job control system designed especially for school and college use. SuperACE provides a complete custodial management and job control system. FaST delivers a complete facility scheduling system to optimize resources while encouraging sound fundamental management techniques, including: documentation, planning, scheduling, communication, follow-up, and analysis.

“It’s a select opportunity to learn from the best,” says Allen Rathey of HFI University and co-promoter of the events. “Don’t let this one get away.”