Self-Cleaning Surfaces Shine Up Cleaning Image

A recent survey conducted by FMLink & Encompass Global Technologies showed that 72 percent of organizations looking to cut costs did so by outsourcing custodial and housekeeping functions. That stat has many in-house janitorial departments looking for ways to add real and perceived value to their roles, according to an article on the Yahoo Finance website. Facility cleaning managers are taking a closer look at technology and how it can help validate the role of in-house departments.

"It's nice to be able to add a new tool that isn't another chemical. Between toxicity issues, dilution instructions and dwell times, we have enough to keep track of," said Brian Landergan, Branch Executive for YMCA of Central Virginia.

Instead, by using continuously self-cleaning surfaces, environmental services teams are adding a visible component to the service they provide. Because they can see them, visitors and employees know where the cleaner places to touch are and because these products can be branded, people will know who is responsible for creating a cleaner facility.

One forward-thinking environmental services team is part of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, the article said. After installing self-cleaning surfaces in medical and dental clinics, an elementary school and administration offices, the tribe has inspired other groups such as the local school districts and casino to use the the same self-cleaning surfaces.

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