Sealed Air Corporation will highlight solutions from its Diversey and Cryovac portfolio at the Consumer Goods Forum Global Food Safety Conference (GFSC). The annual three-day event brings more than 1,000 food industry decision makers together from over 60 countries worldwide to discuss innovative ideas for advancing food safety.

Sealed Air’s portfolio combines solutions from the Cryovac and Diversey brands that extend shelf life, reduce waste and deliver ultimate product and brand protection. By doing so, these technologies help address food safety, food waste and food access. For example, Diversey Consulting, as part of Sealed Air, offers Food Safety In a Box (FSIAB), a suite of food safety tools designed to help food service operations create consistent, compliant and cost-efficient food safety programs.

“With our Cryovac brand, we are able to deliver leading expertise to the food and beverage supply chain by creating packaging solutions that ensure products are processed and sold in a safe and efficient environment,” said Jerome Peribere, CEO of Sealed Air. “And with our Diversey brand, we extend protection beyond the supply chain, helping customers to maintain safe and hygienic environments where people eat, shop, work, travel and receive healthcare.”

During the conference, Sealed Air will host a breakout session titled, “Food Safety and Packaging in a Global Economy.” Dr. Helen Roberts, Sealed Air’s Retail Director in Europe, will offer insight to dispel myths about packaging and to promote its role as an enabler of sustainable, quality and safe products. Sealed Air also is sponsoring a breakfast session on the importance of motivating employees in order to discover innovative ways to drive economic value creation. Case studies from Target USA, Heinz and Accor Group will be presented.

In collaboration with The Consumer Goods Forum, Sealed Air works to support the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), a project launched by the forum in 2000 to improve food safety management. Food safety experts from Sealed Air participate in the GFSI Foundation Technical Committee and offer expertise on food safety auditing and training services, sanitation and food safety guidelines in the food service, retail and manufacturing environments.