Sealed Air Corporation showcased the combined value it brings with its Diversey and Cryovac portfolio to food safety and security at the Consumer Goods Forum Global Food Safety Initiative, which gathers close to 1000 food safety senior leaders from over 50 countries worldwide.

Through the combination of leading experts in food science, packaging and microbiology, Sealed Air demonstrated strategies for protecting and enhancing the entire food and beverage supply chain – from farm to fork – by collaborating to reduce contamination, extend the shelf life of food and elevate the food and beverage experience for the consumer.

“As the global demand for food increases, we urgently need to tackle the three most pressing issues facing our food supply – food safety, food waste and food access,” said Bill Hickey, CEO of Sealed Air.  “Nearly every step in the food production and consumption chain affords the opportunity for business involvement and contribution and we have committed our company to a path of innovation to help the world increase access to food, keep it fresh and make it safe and secure for all people.”  

Sealed Air participated in a session titled “Using Innovative Technologies to Implement a Safe and Sustainable Future Supply Chain.”  The program highlighted processing, packaging and information technologies that can reduce cost, increase transparency and help an organization remain competitive.  Ron Cotterman, Sealed Air’s Executive of Director of Sustainability, presented examples of how packaging brings value by improving operations, preventing waste and reducing risk.