Sealed Air Corporation announced the release of their annual Sustainability Report and 2020 Sustainability Goals with a sponsorship of the Fortune Brainstorm E event in Austin, Texas.

“This is an exciting week for Sealed Air. We launched our 2014 Sustainability Report.  In it, we announce our 2020 Sustainability Goals, which reaffirm our commitment to bring value to our customers’ business – how we can help them achieve their sustainability goals in the face of many of the world’s greatest resource challenges. In the report we also share some of the success stories our customers are already experiencing due to the work that is a result of our focus on sustainability,” stated Jerome A. Peribere, Sealed Air CEO.

As part of the report release, Sealed Air was a sponsor of Fortune Magazine’s premier sustainability leadership event, Fortune Brainstorm E, in Austin, Texas. Mr. Peribere, Dr. Ilham Kadri, President Diversey Care, Dr. Ron Cotterman, Vice President Sustainability, and Jim Whaley, Vice President Global Corporate Communications, Government Affairs and Sustainability, were in attendance at the event. On September 29, Mr. Peribere spoke on stage in an interview with Fortune writers about how, in a world that is increasingly dependent on resource consumption, Sealed Air has the opportunity to use its knowledge and new technologies to prevent waste and combat some of the world's greatest resource challenges such as climate change, food security and hygiene.

Dr. Ilham Kadri also shared her insights on understanding the millennial mindset as an essential part of business.

A full copy of the Sealed Air 2014 Sustainability Report, the 2020 Sustainability Goals may be accessed at