Schools Used As Irma Shelters Undergo Thorough Cleaning

Twenty-four Manatee County (Florida) schools used as Irma shelters underwent a thorough cleaning to get ready for the students' return, according to an article on the Herald-Tribune website.

The district assisted more than 25,000 evacuees who were served more than 100,000 meals.

Workers steam-cleaned and sanitized carpets, scrubbed floors, washed windows and performed other chores to get classrooms, restrooms, offices and lunchrooms back in order.

The classrooms used to house pets needed to be especially cleaned. Countywide, evacuees brought in not just cats and dogs but an array of other animals including a rat, rooster, squirrel, hedgehog and several birds and rabbits.

With garbage haulers facing backlogs, some schools still have mounds of bagged trash stored outside because the waste bins are full. Also, about $70,000 worth of spoiled food had to be thrown out after power failures at some campuses caused refrigerators and freezers to stop working.

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