Schools Switch To Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

The Holyoke (Massachusetts) School Department is converting to environmentally friendly cleaning products and shelving the chemically potent standard cleaners to improve air quality and end exposure to potentially toxic liquids and sprays, according to an article on the Mass Live website.

"We have chosen to make an investment in green cleaning products so that our staff and students will have a more asthma- and allergy-friendly learning environment," a department press release said.

Introduction of the green cleaning supplies began late last month in pre-kindergarten classrooms and will be used system-wide by September.

Using green cleaning products will cost about the same as the standard cleaning products, the department said.

A program called Healthy Holyoke is helping the public schools with the conversion. Healthy Holyoke is a partnership among the city of Holyoke Health Department, Holyoke Medical Center, Holyoke Health Center and the Pioneer Valley Asthma Coalition, with help from state agencies.

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