School 'Radically' Changes Cleaning System

School officials at Tennessee's Muscogee County School District recently commented that the cleaning system will be "radically changed" with a new proposal, according to an article on the Ledger-Enquirer website.

Currently, the district employs custodians and supplements the work using four different contract cleaning companies. With the proposal, the district would:
• Move its employees working as custodians at the 32 elementary schools to the 12 middle schools and nine high schools
• Reduce the number of outsourced contractors providing custodians from four companies to one
• Use those contracted custodians at all the elementary schools

The goal of the change is to reduce the logistical trouble and communication breakdowns, which have caused poor service and responsibility arguments among the district staff and the four building service contractors.

Officials emphasized that none of the current 150 custodians working at the district now would lose his or her job. In fact, the district anticipates needing to hire more custodians to fill vacancies after the switch is made.

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